Guidelines for authors

Submitted articles should not be published or presented at conferences earlier, and also at present should not be under consideration by the editorial boards of journals or conference committees.

1. Text format of the paper
The paper should be sent for review in the Article Template, Times New Roman 10, single space, hyphenation included. The paper should be 5-6 pages in length.
2. Title of the paper

Times New Roman 10 (not more than 12 words), boldface, left alignment.

3. Surname and name of the author/authors, organization, country, email address of the author / authors are located under the heading, Times New Roman 10.
4. Abstract (150 - 200 words) should be placed two intervals under the information about the author/authors and should briefly describe the following parameters presented in the paper: ail, method, results, conclusion, Times New Roman 10, single space.
7. Keywords (up to 5 words) are located in one interval under the abstract, Times New Roman 10, single space. The body of the paper is single spaced from the keywords.

8. The main text of the paper should include numbered headings and sub-headings, Times New Roman 10, single space, width text alignment.

For example:

9. All the tables and figures included into the text should have end-to-end numbering. Under the tables and drawings, you must specify the source where the figure or table was taken (Source: author, book, journal, etc.). For drawings, the GIF format is recommended to use. Not more than 5 illustrations are allowed, Times New Roman 10, single space.

For example, Fig. 2. Number of students 2005-2015
Table 1. English language proficiency of students

10. The References are given in the alphabetical order. It is necessary to refer to well-recognized sources (E-library, Scopus, Web of Science, etc.), publications of national and international level should be analyzed. Each source listed in the references should be referenced in the text. Text references are given in parentheses: one author (Black, 2015), two authors (Black and Nordy, 2013), three or more authors (Black et al., 2014).

11. References should be formatted in accordance with the American Psychological Association (APA) Style and Paper format Springer. The authors may use the automatic reference design system (APA format).

12. Attention! The list of references should contain at least 15 titles; eferences to their authors` publications - 10%, references to foreign publications - at least 50%. All sources should be marked with pages, issue date, city and publisher.

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